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Rabbit Creek Preschool Focus for Development:

Social: to help children feel comfortable in school, trust their new environment, make friends, and feel they are part of a group.

Emotional: to help children experience pride and self confidence, develop independence and self-control, and have a positive attitude toward life.

Cognitive: to help children become confident learners by letting them try out their own ideas and experience success, and by helping them acquire learning skills such as the ability to solve problems, ask questions, and use words to describe their ideas, observations, and feelings.

Physical: to help children increase their large and small muscle skills and feel confident about what their bodies can do. 

 Rabbit Creek Preschool

Objectives for Developmental Centers and Description of a Preschool day.

We believe children construct knowledge based on their experiences; therefore proving a quality developmentally appropriate learning environment encourages creative thinking, language and social skills. Through play children are given the opportunity to actively explore, manipulate, and interact with their environment.  Hands-on activities create authentic experiences in which children begin to feel a sense of mastery over their world. This philosophy follows with Piaget's ideals that children should actively participate in their world and various environments so as to ensure they are not 'passive' learners but 'little scientists' who are actively engaged. Our learning environment will encourage growth in the following areas of development: social/emotional, physical: fine & gross motor, cognitive, and language development.

Our day at preschool begins with "Center Time"; children are encouraged to investigate the Centers in the class. Both teachers are interacting with the children encouraging inquiry. The parent helper will, most likely, be assisting the children with an art/craft. The centers the children can choose from and their objectives are:



Puzzles, small toys, and games

Increase vocabulary


Seeing parts of a whole

Shape & Color recognition

Eye-hand coordination

Pattern recognition


Sharing & Taking turns

Number recognition

Science Center

Nature appreciation





Caring for living things/Responsibility

Dexterity & Eye-hand coordination



Weighing & Balancing


Sensory Table

Water, Sand, and Rice will be rotated as needed

Sensory experience


Number concepts


Small muscle development

Cause and effect

Art Center

Creative expression

Fine Motor/Small Muscle coordination

Eye-hand coordination     

 Experimenting with a variety of painting implements

Handling and care of materials

Color recognition

Cause and Effect

Writing Center

Early literacy

Fine motor

Eye-hand coordination

Use of a variety of writing implements

Creative expression

Recognizing letters in Name


Math concepts

Geometric shape recognition

Problem solving



Spatial relationships

Eye-hand coordination

Dramatic Play/Family Corner

Role & Pretend play

Communication skills

Vocabulary and Language skills

Problem solving

Care of environment

Self care


Care of books


Story sequence

Literature appreciation


Phonological awareness

When "Center Time" is over we will all clean up the classroom and proceed to "Music & Movement" & "Circle Time".  This is when the child with the parent helper will have the opportunity to share one item from home while sitting in the Special Day chair. During Circle Time we will focus on: listening and recalling stories. Calendar awareness: number recognition and number sequencing. Communication skills: discussion of topics, taking and waiting turns. Literacy skills: rhyming sounds, beginning sounds of words, alphabet recognition, and story sequencing, music appreciation: singing songs and using variety of musical instruments. As well as, body part recognition, self-control, attention span, good self-image, and following directions.

From there we will go to the bathroom & washing hands. Next will be "Snack Time", we will focus on: good table manners, nutrition, & social interaction. 

Next we will prepare for "Outside Time". We will provide a variety of outdoor toys for the children to use: thus, promoting gross motor development, self control, sharing, following directions, and cooperation. Then it will be time to go home. Please be sure to Sign your child "In & Out" each school day and check cubbies and Communication file for information.

The Daily Schedule times may vary depending on outdoor weather. If it's too cold for "Outside Time", 10 or colder, we will stay in and have "Gross Motor Time".

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, we want your preschool experience to be the best possible for you and your child.

Daily Schedule

      AM Class                                        PM Class

  9:15-10:10          Center Time         12:45-1:40

 10:10-10:15            Clean-up              1:40-1:45 

 10:15-10:30     Music & Movement     1:45-2:00  

 10:30-10:50           Circle Time          2:00-2:20   

 10:50-11:00  Bathroom/Wash Hands 2:20-2:30

 11:00-11:15          Snack Time            2:30-2:45

 11:20-11:45         Outside Time          2:50-3:15

* Please note: We will stay inside if it is 10 degrees or colder and enjoy "Gross Motor" activities. Please send your child to school with outdoor clothing that is appropriate for the season.

We have the following preschool programs:

Afternoon Rabbits (4's) Class

Our day program is ideal for children who have not yet had to get out of the house first thing in the morning on a regular basis. It allows for a leisurely morning at home, a filling lunch, and then an afternoon of building those skills that will ease the transition from home to Kindergarten.


A Place to Build, Play and Learn

Morning Bunnies (3's) Class

It is a delight to watch the 3-year olds learn and grow in our program. Parents are always welcome in the classroom, which allows the children who need it a chance to become comfortable in their new setting with the security of a parent close by. They quickly learn the routine of the day and delight in telling the teachers what will come next.

Morning Rabbits (4's) Class

Our morning program is also popular. This is for children who might still be taking an afternoon nap or whose parents are ready to introduce them to a morning schedule including school. The morning program offers the same creative activities as our afternoon program.


Please call or e-mail us with questions on the various programs.
Rabbit Creek Preschool
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