Purpose: The purpose of the teacher-directed Preschool shall be to provide the enrolled children with a learning environment where all areas of their development (physical, emotional, social, intellectual) can be stimulated.

Objectives: The main goals of the Preschool are to help the children gain social skills while becoming familiar with the school learning structure and group dynamics, in preparation for kindergarten.

Organizational Structure: The Preschool is organized under the Rabbit Creek Community Association, which provides broad operational guidelines, and is governed by a Preschool Parent Advisory Committee elected by the parents of children enrolled in the program.


  • Three-year-old classes meet two times per week, four-year-olds meet three times per week.  Each session is approximately 2 ½ hours in duration.
  • The Preschool operates on the same schedule as the Anchorage School District with the exception of the start and end of the school day.  All school district vacations are observed, as are school closures, such as snow days.  The preschool does not observe dismissal for Parent/Teacher conferences. www.asdk12.org.
  • Closing of the preschool for any emergency, not specifically covered by the previous statement, shall be at the discretion of the Preschool Parent Advisory Committee and/or the Rabbit Creek Community Association’s Board.
  • Three-year-old and four-year-old classes are directed by two teachers and assisted by one parent.
  • The maximum number of children per class is 20 for the 4/5 year old class (Rabbits) and 18 for the 3/4 year old class (Bunnies).


Daily Schedule for the Three and Four-Year-Old Classes

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 7.26.25 AM.png

                       - See additional handout for special dates of closure.

  • Children are in sight and/or sound of a teacher at all times with close proximity. Teachers will know where children are at all times.
  • Teacher ratios will be met at all times with supervision indoors, outdoors, and in ares requiring closer supervision such as bathrooms.

The teachers will set the curriculum in cooperation with the Preschool Parent Advisory Committee, including special projects and/or parties for the following:

  • Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and End-of-Year Ceremonies.
  • Special classroom presentations will be offered throughout the year.
  • Weekly and monthly themes will be planned by the teachers.

 Outdoor Play Policy

  • All children will go outside for outdoor play time properly clothed for the weather.  Parents of children not able to play outside must make arrangements to collect the child prior to outdoor play time.
  • In alignment with the Anchorage School District policy, 10 degrees (F) and above with no wind chill factor is the minimum acceptable temperature.
  • At least two (2) adults will be outside with the children, or a ratio of one (1) adult to 10 or fewer children will be maintained at all times.
  • Outdoor play may be suspended by the Preschool Parent Advisory Committee, Rabbit Creek Community association and/or the teachers during heavy rain and times that the outdoor play area is considered unsafe.  If outdoor play is suspended, the children will use the coat room for gross motor play.


Eligibility for Pre-School

  • RCP follows the ASD guidelines for age group cut-offs.  A child entering the three-year-old class must be three by September 1st.  A child entering the four-year-old class must be four by September 1st.
  • The child must be toilet trained and self-sufficient in the bathroom.  A reasonable effort will be made to accommodate children with special needs.
  • RCP does not discriminate in admission on the basis of sex, marital status, pregnancy, parenthood, race, religion, color, national origin, age, or physical handicap according to AS 18.80.230 and AMC 5.20.

I, as a participant or as parent or legal guardian of a participant in classes sponsored by the Rabbit Creek Community Association Preschool Program, recognize that some of the classes involve physical activities that have risks and injuries associated with participating in these classes including, but not limited to those of bodily injury, partial or total disability, paralysis, and death. Knowing that there is a risk of bodily injury, partial or total disability, paralysis, and death or personal property damage, I, named above, for myself, my heirs, administrators, executors and assignees, hereby waive, release, discharge, covenant and agree that I will never institute any demand, claim, or suit against the Rabbit Creek Preschool and Rabbit Creek Community Association, and or their employees, agents, and volunteers for any bodily injury, partial or total disability, paralysis, and death or personal property damage that might occur from any cause whatsoever as a result of my participation in the activities of the Rabbit Creek Community Association Preschool Program. I accept full responsibility for the cost of treatment for any injury suffered while taking part in the Rabbit Creek Community Association Preschool Program.

Physical, Immunizations, and exemptions:

Before starting school, the parent must:

  • Provide a current immunization record and physical from a physician, health department, or other health care provider showing dates (month, day, year) of required immunizations. Parents must also provide records following any change or update throughout the school year.


  • If there are medical or religious reasons a child cannot be vaccinated, call the school nurse for further information. There is a State Medical Exemption form for medical exemptions and a Religious Exemption form that must be notarized. Please ask the administrator for these forms or you can find them at http://www.asdk12.org/healthservices/immunizations/.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a common issue associated with new experiences like preschool.  In many cases, it stops within 3-4 minutes after the parent leaves.  Often the child is fine after a quick good bye to the parent and then we are able to engage the child in an activity.  Teachers and parents will work together to ease anxiety and achieve student independence at preschool.  If the child is unable to remain at preschool independent of a parent within four weeks a determination of readiness for preschool will be made by the teachers and parents.

Discipline Policy

RCP strives to provide the best social and learning environment possible for all the children enrolled in the program.  Cooperative behavior and order in the classroom are essential to achieving this environment.  Therefore, the Rabbit Creek Preschool Parent advisory Committee has established this discipline policy for dealing with disruptive, unsafe, and problem behavior within the classroom.

  • Step One: The teachers will talk with the child exhibiting inappropriate behavior to ascertain that the child knows what behavior is expected of him/her.
  • Step Two: The teachers will utilize disciplinary action for repeated offenses.  The preferred method of discipline is the use of “Time-out”.  The “Time-out” place will be removed from the rest of the children, but not outside the classroom or facing the wall. Time out no longer than 1 minute per age with a maximum of 10 minutes for extreme behaviors. The goal is behavior change, not punishment.
  • Step Three:The teachers will notify the child’s parents if the behavior persists.
  • Step Four: The teachers and Preschool Administrative Assistant will conference with the parents if the above measures have been ineffective. Teacher will discuss of a behavior plan and require parental shadowing for out of control behaviors. Parents will be notified of a one month time-line for the required behavior change to be effected.
  • Step Five: The child will be withdrawn from the Preschool Program if the necessary behavior change has not occurred within the one month time-line.

Pick Up Policy

Only those individuals indicated on the child’s emergency card may pick up said child.  The emergency card may be updated by a parent or guardian at any time.  RCP cannot accept a note signed by a parent/guardian as proof that an individual not listed on said child’s emergency card is authorized to pick up said child.  The individual’s name MUST appear on the emergency card prior to that person retrieving the child. 

Parent cannot arrange for another parent to watch their child unless that individual is on the emergency  card.

If court orders and/or restraining orders that involve a parent or guardian are in place, RCP must have a copy on record at the preschool in order to honor them.  RCP will abide by documented court orders in a child’s file but is not responsible for enforcing them.  RCP is most concerned with providing a non-threatening, nurturing environment for all of our students.  For this reason, parents/guardians who use RCP as a “battle ground” in custody and related matters may be asked to withdraw their child from the program immediately without refund of May tuition.

In the case of shared custody, RCP will assume equal parental responsibility unless written instruction is provided and signed by both custodial parties.

 Late Pick Up Policy

If you are running late please call the preschool at 345-1888.  If a child is not picked up within 5 minutes of their class end time, a late fee will be charged as such:

  • $15/child for the first quarter hour or any portion thereof and $15/child for every additional quarter hour.
  • Third (3rd) late pickup, the fee increases to $30 per quarter hour.
  • Fourth (4th) occurrence will result in the immediate withdrawal of the child from the preschool, without the refund of May tuition.

NOTE:  If you know you are running late you can arrange for another child’s parent to supervise your child in the coatroom until you arrive.

The responsible adult retrieving the child will receive a form documenting the late minutes and the charges accrued.  Late charges stated on the form are due no later than the 10th of the month following the occurrence.  Failure to pay late charges in a timely manner as stated above may result in the removal of the child from the program without the refund of May tuition.

Avenues of Communication:

  • Monthly Parent Advisory Committee meetings
    • Minutes of these meetings will be posted on the bulletin board.
  • Seasonal Newsletter
    • Fall, winter, and spring newsletters will be distributed in hardcopy to each student’s communication file and be sent electronically to the e-mail addresses provided.
  • “Speak Up” Forms
    • This gives the parents the opportunity to communicate to the teachers and/or Parent Advisory Committee without interfering in class time or possible home time.
  • Special notices will be left in the children’s communication files
  • Parent/Teacher conferences
    • Conferences will be held by parents’ request in the Three-Year-Old Class. 
    • Conferences will be held in the spring.  The conference days will be determined by the Committee and teachers.  Sign-up sheets with available time slots will be posted for families to choose from.

Any changes to the RCP Policies will be reviewed by the Rabbit Creek Community Association Board and Parent Advisory Committee and updated policies will be placed in each student’s communication fine and sent electronically to the email address provided.

Abuse Reporting:

Alaska State Statutes and Anchorage Child Care Center Regulations require that all licensed and/or certified child care providers report all incidents of suspected or actual child abuse and neglect of children regardless of whether they occur in or are related to the facility.  RCP is therefore obligated by law to report such incidents within 24 hours to the child Care Protection Office of Children’s Services (Alaska Department of Health and Social Services) at 1-800-478-4444.

Centers are required to notify the Municipal Child & Adult Licensing Office of incident which alleges a child was abused or neglected when the center is responsible for the child.  Municipal Child & Adult Licensing Office: 343-6730.

Regulatory Agencies:

The Alaska Department of Education & Early Development and the Anchorage Municipal Child Care Licensing Office are the agencies responsible for complaints involving child care centers.  These agencies supervise, monitor, and investigate complaints involving child care centers.  They can be contacted at:

Alaska Department of Education & Early Development

ATTN: Melora Gaber

801 W. 10th St., Ste. 200

P.O. Box 110500

Juneau, Alaska 99811-0500.

Phone number: 907-465-8707  

Email: melora.gaber@alaska.gov

Municipality of Anchorage: Child Care Licensing

825 L. Street 3rd Floor



Email: hhsccl@muni.org

 Registration, Tuition, and Withdrawal:

  • Registration
    • Registration for currently enrolled families will open the First day of February and continue until the classes are full.  
    • Registration for previously enrolled RCP families will open the the second week of February and continue until the classes are full. 
    • Registration for new students will open the third week of February and continue until the classes are full.
    • If openings become available in any class, they will be filled from the waiting list.  If there is no waiting list, openings will be advertised on the Rabbit Creek Preschool Website and locally. No new students will be entered after April 15 for the current year.


  • Tuition is established by the Preschool Parent Advisory Committee with approval of Rabbit Creek Community Association’s Board of Directors and is based on the projected budget for the school year.  Any additional expenses over and above normal operating expenses shall be approved by Rabbit Creek Community Association’s Board of Directors.  Should unforeseen increases in costs arise during the school year the options will be presented to the parents at a Parent Advisory Committee meeting, and input provided by the parents prior to any tuition increase.

  • Payment of Tuition
    • Tuition is due the first of each month. If tuition is not received by the tenth of the month, a late charge of $25.00 will be collected for the first and second time a payment is past due.
    • The late fee will increase to $50 if there is a third offense and will be brought to the RCP Boards attention which could result in removal of student from program. There will be a late charge regardless of circumstances (vacation, illness, etc.)  All monies collected from the late charges will be utilized for the good of the preschool.  Because of the nonprofit basis of the Preschool, this policy will be strictly observed.
    • Payment may be left in the locked payment box at the Preschool, mailed to or dropped off at the Rabbit Creek Community Association Office.  Parents will respond in a timely manner to notices from RCP regarding past due balances. Failure to do so could result in removal of student from program.

Make Checks Payable To:  

Rabbit Creek Community Association or RCCA

Mail Payments To:

Rabbit Creek Community Association  

Attn: Rabbit Creek Preschool

13650 Lake Otis Parkway

Anchorage, AK  99516

  • Tuition payments that are in arrears for two consecutive months will result in withdrawal of the child from the program.
  • A Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) charge of $25.00 will be assessed for any returned checks.  The NSF check and fees must be paid in cash or money order.  All tuition payments following two NSF checks during a single school year must be paid by cash or money order.

  • The $75.00 registration deposit is non-refundable.  May tuition is refundable prior to the start of the school year with 30 day written notice.  If less than 30 days written notice, the May tuition is non-refundable.

  • If a child enters school at a point other than the first class of the month, a pro-rated tuition will be paid for the month.

  • Full tuition is due as long as the child is enrolled, regardless of attendance; snow days, vacation, etc.  Monthly tuition is calculated by dividing yearly tuition by 9 so as to provide convenient, equal monthly payments. 

  • Sibling Discount- Families with more than one student enrolled during the same school year will receive 10% off the younger sibling’s tuition.

Withdrawal & Refund Policy

  • The parents shall submit 30 days written notice to the Chairperson, Administrator, and Teachers in advance of the withdrawal of a child from Preschool.  May tuition will be applied to the last month of attendance if 30 days written notice has been given.  Parents will be responsible for the payment of tuition 30 days from the date of withdrawal if 30 days written notice is not provided and May tuition will be forfeited.
  • If withdrawal occurs after the first of the month, tuition will not be prorated; full tuition must be paid for the month. 

No Smoking Policy

RCP maintains a smoke free environment, including any vehicle used to transport children.  Smoking is prohibited throughout Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church’s facility, the RCP classrooms, the play yard, and surrounding grounds.  There is no approved smoking area at this facility.  Child care personnel may not smoke while responsible for the care of children and they may not expose children to second-hand smoke. AMC 16.65

7 AAC 10.1085. Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in a child care center.

Cigarettes or other smoking products, and ashtrays, lighters, or other smoking accessories are not visible or accessible to children;

Liability Insurance

RCP maintains comprehensive general liability insurance as mandated by the Municipal code.

TV & Video & Computer Use Policy

Television and video viewing are not a part of the RCP curriculum.  Students have access to a desktop computer in the classroom that has educational apps preloaded.  Students do not have access to the internet.  Students may choose, during center time, to sign up for 5 minutes of computer game time.  Games are educational and connected to the current curriculum. 


RCP does not keep animals with fur or feathers on site.  If an animal is coming to the classroom (e.g. as part of a presentation), parents will be notified in advance.

Field Trips

RCP does not conduct field trips during school hours.  Occasional educational guest speakers are invited to compliment particular curriculum, but students do not leave the school grounds. 

Emergency Evacuation Relocation Site

In the event of emergency requiring evacuation of the classroom and building children will be escorted by teachers outside a safe distance from building. If it is deemed unsafe to reenter the building the children will be escorted by the teachers to the:


Located at: 13500 Old Seward Highway.

Phone Number: 907-887-9760

Teachers will begin contacting parents to pick up their children from this location once they are settled and accounted for. Please call 907-441-7574 during such emergencies to speak with the administrative assistant as the classroom number will not be of use.


RCP follows the Anchorage School District guidelines with regard to all medications dispensed at school.

  • Non-Prescription Medication
    • RCP does not administer non-prescription medications.  Parents must give written permission for the use of lip balm. 
  • Prescription Medications
    • Prescription medicine may be administered at school when prescribed by a licensed healthcare provider with prescriptive authority in the State of Alaska, and provided in a container labeled by the pharmacy or the legal prescriber. The State of Alaska grants prescriptive authority to physicians (MD and DO), physician assistants (PA), advanced nurse practitioners (ANP, FNP, PNP) and dentists. The proper forms must be completed for administering all medications at school. Health Services Forms are only applicable for the current school year in most circumstances. Parents are responsible for providing all medications to the school nurse in original containers accompanied by the appropriate form.
    • No medications can be administered without specific written permission and instruction from both the child’s parent/guardian and physician.  Instructions must include identification, quantity, purpose and possible side effects.  A separate and designated amount/dosage in a container with a pharmacy label must be provided and left at school.  The pharmacy label must include:  student’s name, dosage, health care provider, pharmacy, date issued and prescription number (this includes all prescription medications such as inhalers, epinephrine, etc.).  Preschoolers are not permitted to keep any medication in their cubby, backpack or on their person.  Parents must discuss all medication (including inhalers, epinephrine, etc.) with one or both teachers to insure that there is no risk to any child involved in the program and all appropriate forms must be completed.

Class Helper, Event and Party Volunteer Policy

Class Helpers are required to assist in the classroom on a rotating basis.  The number of times that each family is required to assist depends in part on the number of students actually enrolled in the class.  If the classes are full, 3’s (Bunnies) can expect to assist a minimum of three (3) times a year, or about once every ten weeks.  4’s (Rabbits) families can expect to assist a minimum of four (4) times a year, or about once every seven weeks.

The Special Day Calendar is posted on the bulletin board located in the coatroom. It is the parent’s responsibility to select and sign up for your Special Days to volunteer on the calendar.

All families are required to assist.  Three-year-old (Bunnies) families must have helped a minimum of once (1) by January 1st with a total of three (3) by the end of the school year, or their child may be withdrawn from the program with no refund of May tuition.  Four-year-old (Rabbits) families must have helped a minimum of twice (2) days by January 1st with a total of four days by the end of the school year, or their child may be withdrawn from the program with no refund of May tuition.

Families with more than one child enrolled in the preschool are required to work the above number of days per child.

If a family cannot help on the day they have signed up for, the parent must try to arrange for a substitute.  If unable to find one through their own efforts, they should contact the class liaison or another Committee member as soon as possible.  If no substitute can be arranged, the family is still responsible for providing the snack.

Parents are required to volunteer their time to help with one school event during the school year. This can be as a member of a school party committee (Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day) or helping with a fundraising event (Christmas Towne Bazaar or annual Spring Fundraiser). These duties do not require much from parents and are essential to the preschools operation and ability to provide fun activities for the students to look forward to throughout the year.

Classroom Helper Duties

The classroom helper should arrive ten minutes before class and be prepared to stay fifteen minutes after class for clean-up time.

The classroom helper is responsible for providing a nutritious nut free snack including 2 food groups and beverage: water, 100% fruit juice, or milk).  Napkins, 5 oz. cups, and other service items as needed must be provided.  Special treats, such as mini cupcakes, may be brought on a child’s birthday.  In addition to any special treats, a nutritious snack must be offered first.

  • All snacks must be free of peanuts and tree nuts. Our nut free policy extends to all holiday parties and school events. In addition we ask families not to allow students or siblings to snack on tree nuts/ peanuts before or after class as this can create a risk of allergic reaction for some of our students.

The classroom helper’s child will have a time for Show and Tell (Sharing).  Have him/her bring one favorite toy, book, photo, or talk about a special interest.

The classroom helper will not bring other children, siblings, etc. on his/her day to help. The helper will be supervised and can help with preparation of activities and snacks, but may not engage in any care-giving duties including assisting children in the bathroom or alone.

Food Safety
Follow These Four Easy Steps To Help Your Family Be Food Safe.

  1. CLEAN Bacteria can spread throughout the kitchen and get on hands, cutting boards, knives, and countertops. Frequent cleaning can keep that from happening.
  2. WASH hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds before and after handling food.
  3. RUN cutting boards and utensils through the dishwasher or wash them in hot soapy water after each use.
  4. KEEP countertops clean by washing with hot soapy water after preparing food.
  5. Separate. Cross-contamination is how bacteria spreads. Keep raw meat, poultry, and seafood and their juices away from ready-to-eat food.
  6. USE one cutting board for raw meat, poultry, and seafood and another for salads and ready-to-eat food.
  7. KEEP raw meat, poultry, and seafood and their juices apart from other food items in your grocery cart.
  8. STORE raw meat, poultry, and seafood in a container or on a plate so juices can't drip on other foods.
  9. Cook. Even for experienced cooks, the improper heating and preparation of food means bacteria can survive.
  10. USE a food thermometer—you can't tell food is cooked safely by how it looks.
  11. STIR, rotate the dish, and cover food when microwaving to prevent cold spots where bacteria can survive.
  12. BRING sauces, soups, and gravies to a rolling boil when reheating.
  13. Chill. Bacteria spreads fastest at temperatures between 40 °F - 140 °F, so chilling food properly is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of food-borne illness.
  14. COOL the fridge to 40 °F or below, and use an appliance thermometer to check the temperature.
  15. CHILL leftovers and takeout foods within 2 hours, and divide food into shallow containers for rapid cooling.
  16. THAW meat, poultry, and seafood in the fridge, not on the counter, and don't over-stuff the fridge.
  17. To find out more about food safety, visit befoodsafe.gov.
  18. Questions? Click on Ask Karen or call 1-888-MPHotline.


General Parent Responsibility at RCP

Parents should arrive, supervise the child in the coat room until they are invited into the classroom, and pick up your child on time. The time before and after class is used by the teachers for class preparation.   Please limit your visiting to the coatroom before and after class. Younger siblings must be supervised at all times. 

Do not drop children off at the front door.  Parents/Guardians will escort their child into the classroom.  Parents/Guardians should ensure that the child removes his or her outer wear and has shoes on for class.  Children must wear shoes at all times in the classroom.

Parents will label all outer clothing, including shoes, with their child’s name.  Parents should be sure that all their child’s clothing goes home daily.  Parents will provide appropriate outer wear for outside play (coats, hats, boots, mittens, snowsuit, etc.). RCP will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property.

Each child will need a bag that will hang on his/her coat hanger to hold hats, mittens, papers going home, etc.  During the winter season please take snow pants out of the bag and hang them on the coat hook in order to expedite the process of putting on outdoor clothing. 

With the exception of assigned show and tell, toys should not be brought to school.

Parents should provide teachers with written notice of vacation or other extended absences.

Parents will not send their child to school if he/she is sick or has any sign of a communicable disease.  Notify the teachers immediately of a communicable disease or contagious condition such as head lice. A child who has had any communicable disease cannot return to school without a Doctor’s note indicating the child is healthy. In the case of head lice a child must have treatment and have no nits present before returning to school. All efforts must be made to immediately inform teachers/administrator so classroom can be treated to prevent further spreading of condition.

Please note RCP will not release a child to any persons not listed on the Emergency Contact card. The person picking up MUST be listed on the Emergency card prior to picking up the child. An email or phone call to add someone is not sufficient.

Each child MUST be signed in and signed out of every class meeting.  The Sign In/Sign Out sheet is posted on the bulletin board located in the coatroom. 


In the event of an emergency, teachers will call 911 with an ambulatory option and call/notify the parents. No child will leave the premises without parental consent. There will be no personal transport of any child at any time.

Parents should read the current newsletter and check the bulletin board for current information.

Parents should not hand out Birthday invitations at school.  They may be placed in the communication files.

Code of Ethics and Confidentiality:

If a classroom helper learns something of a personal nature about one of the students while in the classroom, the information must be kept confidential.  Teachers and staff are also held to the same standard of confidentiality with regard to students and their families.

Behavior Guidance Codes:

16.55.200 The provisions of 7 AAC 57.535 are adopted and incorporated by reference, with modification and supplementation as follows:

  1. A child in care shall not be removed from the other children except under the following conditions:
    1. Before removing a child, the caregive shall use appropriate social, emotional, and developmentally appropriate behavior guidance techniques;
    2. Children removed from other children shall be constantly supervised
    3. Children removed from the group for any reason shall not be purposely humiliated; and
    4. Children removed from the group for other than out of control behavior shall be removed for a maximum of one minute per age of the child. The total time the child can be removed shall not exceed 10 minutes except in the case of "out of control behavior" discussed in subsection C.
  2. If the behavior of a child becomes a risk to themselves or other children or staff, the carefiver shall use age-appropriate interventions. In a center, a member of the staff shall be designated to be responsibile for supervising the child.
  3. "Out of control behavior" includes, but is not limited to, throwing objects, being physically aggressive towards others, continued biting, screaming or cursing with inability to calm down or stop, or hurting oneself, except when these behaviors are appropriate to the developmental stage of the child.
  4. In a child care facility, discipline or consequences shall be:
    1. Appropriate to the child's age and development;
    2. Related to the behavior;
    3. Articulated to the child through an explanation to the child before and at the time of the disciplinary action; and administered immediately by the caregiver primarily responsible for the child.

Substitute Teacher Policy

When a teacher is absent, an effort will be made to find a parent substitute for the teacher.  The parents who substitutes for the teacher must be a volunteer and have passed criminal background check and finder printing; parents are not paid to substitute. 

If a parent cannot be found to substitute, the administrative assistant may substitute for the teachers for a limited number of times each year.  The number of times the administrative assistant can substitute for the teachers is set out in their contract. If a parent or the administrative assistant are unavailable, other staff who have passed security clearance from RCCA may be asked to substitute.

In the event of a long-term absence of one of the teachers, efforts will be made to hire a qualified substitute teacher.

Amendment of Policies:

These guidelines may be amended by a majority of the Preschool Parent Advisory Committee and approval of the Rabbit Creek Community Association Board of Directors