Rabbit Creek Preschool is a Parent Cooperative school in South Anchorage. Parents are essential to the success of our program. The program offers parents an opportunity to be involved in their child's education through participation in the classroom. Parents of three to four year olds are required to help three times during the school year. Parents of four to five year olds are required to help five times during the school year. Don't let the word "required" scare you away. It is fun to spend a few hours at the preschool with your child. After your first turn, you will eagerly be looking for another chance to host your child's special day.

At Rabbit Creek Preschool, we believe that children benefit from a learning environment where all areas of their development (social, emotional, cognitive, and physical) can be stimulated. We have been operating as a parent cooperative preschool since 1976. Our goal is to create an environment where children can explore, discover, learn, try new things, and gain social skills while becoming familiar with school structure and group dynamics in preparation for kindergarten.

  • Rabbit Creek Preschool is one of only two parent cooperative preschools in Anchorage.

  • The school day includes creative expression, pretend play, science and math exploration, building, books, circle time, sharing, snack, movement, and outdoor play.

  • Classes for children age 3 - 5.

  • Up to 20 children per class; two teachers and at least one parent helper.

  • Parent participation is an integral component of the program; parental involvement in the classroom is part of each school day.

  • An affordable, non-profit program.

  • Rabbit Creek does not discriminate on the basis of gender, marital status, pregnancy, parenthood, race, religion, color, national origin, age, or physical handicap

  • 1:7 adult to child ratio.

Meet our teachers!

Ms. Debbie

Ms. Debbie

Ms. Priscilla

Ms. Priscilla

Debbie Brandt has first-hand knowledge of what a unique experience the preschool provides. As a previous Rabbit Creek Preschool parent, she saw the preschool give a boost to her own children. This inspired Debbie to pursue a career in education. Now, with an associates degree in Early Childhood Development from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, she has come back to where it all began.

Debbie has been a part of Rabbit Creek Preschool since 2005 and we are honored to have her. We continue to benefit from her personal experiences in schools such as Bayshore Elementary, RurAL CAP Child Development Center, and the Anchorage School District Migrant Education Preschool.

“Children learn best when provided a positive, nurturing environment. The individual needs of each child should be met in a developmentally appropriate classroom, and each child should have the opportunity to experience meaningful, hands-on learning activities” - Debbie Brandt

As a former substitute teacher in rural Alaska, Priscilla realized she truly enjoys caring for, nurturing, and guiding young children in a school setting. She has since dedicated her professional life to Early Childhood Education.

“As the mother of three beautiful daughters, I realize how important their early years are and the positive impact, we as parents and teachers, have on their growth and development during this time. I am thankful for the opportunity to work in a nurturing and loving environment where children can learn and experience new challenges that will help build their confidence and prepare for kindergarten. I look forward to continued success with an amazing team of teachers and parents at Rabbit Creek Preschool!” - Priscilla Hairell